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The most important question: Who am I?
I found the answer:
I am a WAVE and the WAVE FUNCTION is:

Іψ> = Σ ci І Φi >

Are 7 states ІΦi > because are 7 major chakras or energy centers.

My books:

I AM CREATING GOD (My book is about Evolution, Society, Yoga, Quantum mechanics and much more)

Who am I? (My book "Who am I?" give explanations with Quantum Mechanics to this question)

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The TRUTH (my view):

GOD is creating me,
I am creating GOD.

My view about God:

God is out of time, the past, the present and the future are one.
This means any mathematical expression of God, doesn't contains time, doesn't contains time like a variable.

Life (my view):

Life is for GODS, death is for people,
Life is INTELLIGENCE, death is ignorance.

I came to this conclusion:
A dream is a quantum system that evolves governed by the Schrödinger equation or some relativistic equivalent.

The wavefunction in quantum mechanics evolves into a linear superposition of different states.
Quantum decoherence is the mechanism by which quantum systems interact with their environments to exhibit probabilistically additive behavior and give the appearance of wavefunction collapse. If the wave function merely encodes an observer's knowledge of the universe then the wavefunction collapse corresponds to the receipt of new information.

If you will try to look (analyze) at some sensitive dreams they will disapear when you'll try to look at some details, exactly like the collapse of the wavefunction. It is like the interaction between observer and wavefunction.
From here I realized that dreams are quantum systems.

Like the information contained in quantum registers, each dream I think is contained in mental registers.

This is very important because this means thoughts are quantum systems.

I tried before a lot of experiences with thoughts but I couldn?t explain them; I succeeded with dreams.

How I'm explaining the near-death experience with QM:

Wave function is a complex vector or function in a complex Hilbert space. Because the probabilities that the system is in each possible state should add up to 1, the norm of the wave function must be 1.
A wave function which is a vector with n components describes how to express the state of a system as the linear combination of finitely many basis elements , where i run from 1 to n.
If the states ІΦi > have distinct, definite values, λi, of some dynamical variable and a measurement of that variable is performed on a system in the state

Іψ> = Σci І Φi >
then the probability of measuring λi is | ci | 2, and if the measurement yields λi, the system is left in the state ІΦi>.

Quantum decoherence is the mechanism by which quantum systems interact with their environments to exhibit probabilistically additive behavior and give the appearance of wave function collapse. If the wave function merely encodes an observer's knowledge of the universe then the wave function collapse corresponds to the receipt of new information.

Because our thoughts are quantum systems this means our aura is a quantum system.

I consider a wave function with n=7 states from our aura.
Because our aura is around us that wave function is collapsed in the state ІΦi > where i=3.
When people have near-death experience the aura will not be around the body, they will experience pleasant emotions; calmness and serenity and this wave function will have all 7 states, each state ІΦi > with values λi, I consider the state 7 the highest, closer to God.

The aura is coming back near the body because meeting deceased relatives or spiritual figures they will tell to the person to go back.

The person will go back in my view because of this command 'go back' a thought that is a quantum system will collapse our wave function. The wave function will collapse in the new state 4, a higher state than 3 how was before NDE. After NDE people are saying I'm a better person, was wonderful there?For them the values for | ci | 2 during NDE where i=5,6,7 had a high value; they experienced mostly the states 5,6 and 7.

15% has bad experiences during NDE this means for them the values for | ci | 2 where i=1 or 2 had a high value; they experienced mostly the states 1 and 2 and of course they will come back in the same state 3.

Are 7 states because are 7 major chakras or energy centers. We are thinking with the whole body, with all our cells in the same time. When you are angry and you will send out an angry thought all the cells in your body will lose energy.

After so many years I found the solution for this chord (it is on my website too):
The chord of each man is unique, and whether he be sleeping or waking, living or dead, his chord is always the same, and he can always be found by it.
If the states ІΦi > have distinct, definite values, λi, of some dynamical variable and a measurement of that variable is performed on a system in the state

Іψ> = Σ ci І Φi >
then the probability of measuring λi is | ci | 2, and if the measurement yields λi, the system is left in the state ІΦi >.
Are 7 states ІΦi > because are 7 major chakras or energy centers:
Іψ> = Σ ci І Φi >
ψ is the wave function of each man, the unique chord whether he be sleeping or waking, living or dead and he can always be found by it.
How I calculated 97.73% of population is in the states 1 or 2 or 3 and 0.077% of population is in the state 7 the God state. (The probability to find a person in state 7 is very small).

Another example why is so important my theory:
From the Bible:

"You brood of vipers, how can you, being evil, speak what is good? For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart.(Matthew 12:34)
'My house will be called a house of prayer but you are making it a den of robbers.'" (Matthew 21:12-13)
Because we are waves, we are affected by others, by others waves.
Jesus when came in Jerusalem among a huge number of low level people, was affected by them, by theirs waves.
With my theory the Bible can be explained more exactly, more scientifically.

People asked me how we can know somebody has access to high SPIRITUAL levels during meditation for example.
My answer is: people who have access to high SPIRITUAL levels they find something new, what they didn't know before; they discover something nobody knew it before...
Because the majority of people are repeating only what others discovered.

Advanced Classes and Courses:

Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Samadhi Yoga


My Ego is my Student, my Spirit is my Master.

Yoga, because the Universe, my physical body and my mind too, are energies (E=mc2), and I have to know, how to work with these energies (each second our planet is struck by 4.5 pounds of solar energy).
Yoga, is for those who try to understand these things (consciousness is energy, love is the result of energy flowing in Anahata chakra etc).
Yoga means visualizing the energy in nadis like Ida, Pingala , Sushumna, mastering the processes of Transmutation and Sublimation etc.
Yoga means knowledge; peace and love are only effects, results.
All your joy and pain, happiness and sufferance etc., belong to a process, the process of your evolution, of your understanding.
A process of evolution from man to God, from a low form of energy to a high form of energy. The Law of Karma is well known in all the Yoga schools. But I see the PRESENT AFFECTED by the FUTURE not ONLY by the PAST. It's a difficult problem !

The explanation with the dematerialization like the SF movies is not possible because of Heisenberg?s Uncertainty principle.
My view: the body (object) enters in the 5th dimension (not a Kaluza-Klein dimension) and appears in another place.

How I see the 5th dimension?
Our Universe is separated by another Universe by a small distance (Planck length 10-33 cm).
When our Universe was created a lot of parallel Universes were created separated by a small distance.
The Universes are not identical; the one who had more energy is more evolved. How I explained in my book with the third law of Evolution:
Nonlinearity of the Evolution:
The higher level of Evolution evolves faster

I was thinking about December 21, 2012 the Mayan Calendar End-Date.
I was thinking if it is possible an Apocalypse on Earth, everybody to die before that date. People think they will die because of pollution; the climate will change but these are not an Apocalypse.
After an atomic war will be a lot of people alive.
I see the Apocalypse coming (if will come one) only from a parallel universe, but like I said from a Universe who is very close to us.


The Laws of Evolution (my view)

1. Everything evolves
2. People at the same level of Evolution resonate
3. Nonlinearity of the Evolution:
Who is at a higher level of Evolution evolves faster
4. God is the highest level of Evolution

I was thinking at these laws to be true everywhere in the Universe!

I calculated:
97.7% of population has 3 lives or less(the complete cycle has 7 lives, a cycle of 5 000 years). They are low level people, at animal level; because these 97.7% of population are looking only for "material values", all the societies, countries are based on "material values".

They live as if they will never die;
and die as they had never lived.

How I calculated it's WONDERFUL and the ancients were RIGHT:
life 7: 2200 years; 6: 1200 years; 5: 800 years; 4: 350 years; 3: 150 years: 2: 55 years !
2200+1200+800+350+150+55+7x35=5 000 !!!
Nobody did it before!

Low level people they repeat what others said all their life. They can't come with something new.
Education in school is to repeat only; not MUCH!
Only few people in the world can come with something new; all the time was the same.
To come with something new in the spiritual level is the most DIFFICULT; because we compete with billions before us.
At material level, in science is very easy, because in the past wasn't the technology; at material level we can see, measure...
That's why is not much to meditate, to pray...
It's HUGE to come with something NEW in SPIRITUALITY!

I consider genetics as a defining factor, it's Evolution.
Of course is a link between genetic makeup and susceptibility to levels of spirituality . Our spirituality is reflected in our body.
I consider the shape of the brain give us a lot of information.
Because people don't understand much about 'God genes' an easy way to evaluate the level of Evolution is the shape of the brain.
This means the shape of the head show the level of Evolution.
I didn't see any picture, sculpture where JESUS was like a high level person.
This means from thousands years people don't understand what means to be HOLY!
I didn't hear anybody to talk about these things.
That's why high level people looking at a person can see his spiritual level.

Low level people have low level children.
Maybe in one day I'll calculate the level of Evolution of each new born child!
Until then, simple:
mother=3(like Energy of system MOTHER), father=2; child = 2+3=5 maximum; they can't have child=7(will be against logic, mathematics, physics...)!

This is the REALITY, it's Evolution; everybody will be Evolved in time; everybody who is high level today was low level too. All the time it's good to know more; all the society will benefit.

In this process of evolution you are going trough different Religions, beliefs, fighting for different causes (very important for you at that time).
I consider the values of a country, are not natural resources, or the richness that one country might hold, but the people with Knowledge; I consider the place of the wise people is not in caves, forests or the desert.
For each moment on this planet, there are few people, who hold the Knowledge; I consider they are the "heaven" on earth.
That's why:
I never heard about a mass movement or revolution for Knowledge.
I never heard about a country "leader" who was chosen for his Knowledge.
On this planet the majority of people don?t understand the sexual energies(the bottom), how can they understand God(the top)?
The future:
Because the population will double by year 2050, the future doesn?t look ?brighter? than the present (there will be billions of people with one or two lives, and like today they are fixing the rules from TV to Religion).

EVOLUTION project:

I consider it's possible to have a place on earth where only high level people will live.

What can I do for the World?

It is very good to spread the Knowledge in the World.
A World with Knowledge, will be a much better World.

What to understand:

In evolution are only two ways:

Yoga is the peak of the wisdom.
To understand yoga, one life (in the physical body) is not enough.
Yoga is the result of evolution, from looking towards outside to looking towards inside.
Yoga is the "vertical" way.
Your biggest fight, is the fight with yourself.
Yoga, will teach you how to conquer, yourself.
All the saints in the world, conquered themselves first.

Yoga was and will be in time at the top, meanwhile the "today science" will be a joke.

For example lets look at "Unified field theory" (and the String Theory later): who tries to unify the quantum mechanics theory(describes: strong nuclear forces, weak nuclear forces, electromagnetic forces) and the general relativity theory(describes the gravity); to unite the world of the small and the world of the large. General relativity describes the force of gravity and hence is usually applied to the largest and most massive structures including stars, galaxies, black holes and even, in cosmology, the universe itself. Quantum mechanics is most relevant in describing the smallest structures in the universe such as electrons and quarks.
Why is so difficult to find the "Unified field theory"?
Because at quantum level space and time are so twisted and distorted, that the conventional ideas of left and right, up and down, even before and after break down. If I am at this level I can't say I'm here or there or both places at once; or maybe I'm right here before I'm right here!
In quantum theory, a field is not just something associated with waves, but is also related to particles by virtue of the well-known wave-particle duality.
The rules at small world don't behave at same way like the smooth way of the general relativity(Einstein didn't understand it and was far away to find the UNIFICATION, his dream)
The Standard Model is a highly successful and experimentally tested theory of "three-fourth of everything" (since it incorporates three of the four fundamental interactions) and does not include the graviton and its interactions. The reason why the Standard Model is useful despite the absence of gravity is that the strength of gravitational interactions depends on the masses of the gravitating bodies involved. For elementary particles, the gravitational force between them is so small that one cannot even conceive of observing it directly.
General relativity and quantum mechanics are mutually incompatible: any calculation which simultaneously uses both of these tools yields nonsensical answers.
The String Theory: based on the concept of elementary particles, tiny vibrating loops of energy called strings. The unification: all the fundamental particles we know can be described by one object, a string!
The theory started from the Euler equations.
Superstring theory did the Unification!
No experiment can prove the strings exist, because of course are so small. The size of a string is somewhere near the length scale of quantum gravity, called the Planck length, which is about a millionth of a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a centimeter.
The strings have certain vibrational modes which can be characterized by various quantum numbers such as mass, spin, etc.
Compose of an enormous number of oscillating strings, the universe is like an elegant symphony.
Are five different Superstring theories, but not in harmony.
The M-Theory explains the origin of strings, why we have five superstring theories. Is a 10 dimensional theory.
The F-Theory is a 12 dimensional theory, has two time co-ordinates.
Imagine you live in a world with two times.
I consider too that a true theory may be independent of any dimensionality of space-time.
I see in The String Theory an EQUIVALENCE between Strings and Prana in Yoga and Qi in Qigong. This EQUIVALENCE it's a huge step in understanding the Universe.

These are low level energies and forces related to matter. Energies knowing in Yoga are missing.

In Yoga, Unification means Samadhi.

Why E=mc2 doesn't work everywhere in the Universe?

If Jesus, made 540 lbs of fish and bread, he needed the equivalent of the Sun's energy which struck the Earth, for at least 2 minutes(fish only matter without etherical body, mind ); darkness on Earth for 2 minutes.(Jesus didn't explain anything because he knew the level of the world after 2000 years will be the same; that's why I'm interested more in what Jesus didn't explain, than what he said.)
I never saw anybody in the world to UNDERSTAND who Jesus is!
If the light is the finest energy in the Universe, God is supposed to be made from light.
Because the Universe is so heavy, and is still expanding, somewhere there is supposed to be a huge source of light, which generates matter, visible from each "corner" of the Universe (and it's not there).
Because the Universe is still expanding, this means the "created" Universe is still creating.
The openness of the quantum world conveys a feeling of liberation. One might see the promise of messages -- perhaps a benign guidance -- from the depths of the universe, which affect our fate even though we do not understand them. And there is excitement in being part of a universe that is creative and where the unexpected and even the inexplicable constantly come into being.
So... What creative contributions have you made of late?

How I see myself the difference between Yoga(for few) and Religion(for billions) ?
In Yoga the knowledge is in yourself, and in Religion the knowledge is somewhere else.
Were and will be a lot of Religions; all the Religions are only a path to Knowledge.
Jesus and Buddha didn't follow any Religion, because they had the Knowledge.
I consider: it is good to pray(say one pray, not hundreds) , but it is better to think and understand; it is good to help people, to love people, but it is better to help them to understand(don't love your enemies, understand them; consider Jesus ask for love, because for people it's difficult to Understand).
The wise man rules his stars: the others obey them.

If you have not realized your body's potential, you have not missed much.
If you have not realized your mind's potential, you have missed a little.
If you have not realized your heart's potential, you have missed much.
If you have not realized your soul's potential, you have missed all.

Why Yoga is so difficult?
Because in yoga you can't see anything, can't measure anything etc.
To follow a thought coming from mental body, crossing astral body, coming into the brain trough Ajna chakra, is not easy.

Research at Samadhi Yoga Center:

I am the first in the world to introduce this concept of NEGATIVE time or BIDIRECTIONAL time to the human bodies, to the SPIRITUALITY.
Einstein, Stephen Hawkins and others were talking only about mater, never about human body or SPIRITUALITY. Einstein was talking about voodoo in cases like this.
I studied this concept of speed faster than the speed of light in human body, and negative time already for couple years.
When the subtle body separate from physical body is moving faster than the speed of light, that?s why the time become negative (Einstein?s special theory of relativity) and you?ll see your life in a split of second.
The process of ageing: the energies around the body could reverse the process of ageing (because the higher form of energy has control over a lower form of energy, for example the mind over the body; a body without aura is a corpse; to accelerate the ageing it's easy).
Gravity: how gravity affects the aura, the mind and God (the highest form of energy)? For me for example the Yin and Yang energies are affected by gravity.
Generate matter: the process of transmutation and sublimation is clear, but the reverse one to generate matter from energy?
Aura: I can see the aura around the trees and the aura around people, but no colors. How to measure the aura(the science is so behind).

Derived from the Sanskrit word for "union," the term yoga refers to a variety of disciplines designed to ultimately bring its practitioners closer to God. Dhyana yoga, for instance, seeks union through meditation, while jnana yoga entails the study of scriptures and karma yoga calls for selfless service to God and mankind.

Why, not only Yoga?

In the ancient Chinese philosophy the most precious of all, is the knowledge of Qi, the life force.
There is nothing to be more treasured in the world, than the life giving force, the Qi.
Qigong classes and courses are available at our center.

True wisdom, Socrates said, consists in the knowledge of the essence of things. This form of knowledge cannot be acquired from without, but must be sought within the soul itself. His first aim, therefore, was to train men to think, and by thinking to reach the source of knowledge within themselves.
He demanded an aristocracy based not upon wealth or birth but upon knowledge and virtue. Instead of the ordinary citizen-rulers, he insisted upon statesmen who were morally without reproach and who had developed the power to think for themselves. He had openly declared that the power of state should not be awarded by lot or election, but should be decided by the moral and intellectual qualifications of the candidates for office. The politicians of his day believed in doing good to friends and harm to enemies.
Unless it happen either that philosophers acquire the kingly power in states, or that those who are now called kings and potentates be imbued with a sufficient measure of genuine philosophy, that is to say, unless political power and philosophy be united in the same person ... there will be no deliverance ... for cities, nor yet, I believe, for the human race.

Emperor, Theodosius, had killed or exiled all the pagan philosophers, made churches of the temples and destroyed the last of the Mystery Schools. Hypatia, the girl-philosopher of Alexandria, was murdered by Cyril's horde of fanatical monks in 414. A little later Proclus brought new life to the Platonic Academy in Athens, but not for long. In 529 Justinian closed the School and drove the last of the Neoplatonists from Europe.

After these accusations had been read to the Court of the Inquisition, Giordano Bruno arose and unfolded his philosophical and scientific doctrines in detail, neither concealing nor omitting any essential feature, but speaking as simply as if he were sitting in his professor's chair talking to his pupils. He admitted his belief in an infinite universe which is the direct effect of infinite, divine power. He defined this power as Spirit, by virtue of which everything lives, moves and has its being.
This Divine Presence, he continued, is Spirit, the All-Life, and from It life and soul flow into every thing and every being.
After listening unmoved to his sentence, Bruno rose to his full height, looked his executioners in the eye, and spoke his last sentence on earth:
"It is with far greater fear that you pronounce, than I receive, this sentence."

Why do we think so differently?
Because we are separate by thousands of years in evolution.

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